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Twitchhiker meets The Guardian
04/02/2009, 14:35
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There are already several complimentary posts and features about Twitchhiker, and it’s only been two days. There are more to come, too – I’ve got a batch of Q&As to write for various blogs. If it’ll help pick up a handful of supporters, brilliant – one of them might just be the person I rely on to complete this.

Wow. I’ve just caught myself typing “the person I rely on to complete this”. Do I really believe I can get all the way to New Zealand? Not quite. Not yet.  Anyway, I’ll create a page for press links so you can see what’s happening, but in the meantime I wanted to ask you to read the Guardian for a couple of reasons.

As I’ve mentioned, I do some freelance writing and blogging for the Media section of both the paper and the website. I also wrote a feature for the travel section of the website last year, and editor Andy Pietrasik was kind enough to ask me to write a piece about Twitchhiker:

Twitchhiker in The Guardian

One of the great things about the Guardian is that they’re never afraid to push their content onto new platforms and try new ideas; if you get a chance, have a look at their new feature twitrips by @benjilanyado. At this moment, Benji is in Paris, following tips and advice passed onto him by Twitter users. If you know Paris well, get involved.


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