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Twitchcast #1 – in which I plod around a park, say “erm” a lot and set you some homework
05/02/2009, 00:33
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Several points worthy of your consideration before you watch this, the first of many Twitchcasts:

– It’s barely a month after Christmas and New Year, when I ate and drank an awful lot

– I’m just back from New York, where I ate and drank and awful lot

– At 6′ 4″ so I’m robustly built to begin with

– It’s a scientific fact that Vimeo YouTube adds 10 pounds to you

All of which goes to explain why I have a featureless face as round as the moon. I also seem incapable of forming coherent sentences, but given this was recorded in one take in freezing temperatures, you’ll forgive me on this occasion. I promise to project more and be far more articulate next time:

So there we are. Plenty of you will have travelled far more extensively than I have, so I’d like you help in beginning to determine what routes I can’t take, given that I can only ever plan my journey three days in advance. Any advice, please post it in the comments below. Ta!


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haay, for a rough idea of visa info checkout the dvd’s long way round and long way down, its the ones where ewan mcgregor and charley boorman travel around and down the globe on motorbikes, should give you an idea of what you may encounter, unfortunately with me only being in sunderland im not able to help much but if i see you in central station ill chuck you some coinage towards a train ticket. good luck!

Comment by lisa

I’m not very sure about jabs but I lived in the middle East for 2 years and never had to get one, so I’m guessing it will be mainly for Africa, Asia (islands etc) and perhaps Southern America..not so sure just a guess really.

Here is a good site for the places that you do and don’t need visas for

Hope this helps!
x x x x

Comment by Michelle

Come to Italy!

Comment by venerablebidet

The visa issue could be tricky…many places you have to apply in advance, although in some cases it might be possible to get a visa at the border. Also bear in mind that if you do end up going through the Middle East, having certain visas in your passport may actually preclude your onward travel into other countries. Specifically – having an Israeli visa in your passport will restrict your entry into (I believe..?) anywhere apart from Egypt or Jordan within the region.

If you do go through Israel, request that they stamp your visa onto a piece of paper, rather than directly into your passport.

In terms of jabs, I have traveled a fair bit, and the first time I did so was with a charity organisation. As a result of it being charitable work, the nurse/GP surgery did not charge for the jabs. I don’t know if this is just my GP being terribly nice, or whether that is a wider policy, but you should ask on the off-chance.

Finally good luck!

Comment by @lee_garland

Hi Paul,
As far as I know you pretty much can’t enter South American countries without a yellow-fever jab certificate.. I hope you get that far! Looknig forward to some fantastic tweets en route

Comment by mariannegessey

Hi Paul, Why don’t you just go and get all the jabs, then you won’t be restricted. As Marianne says, you need Yellow Fever for South America – also for most of Africa, so if you’re having that you may as well have the rest ….. not scared of needles are you?!

Comment by Julia

Get yourself down to your GP asap and see if they have a travel nurse who can advise. Malaria tablets might be important but can be quite expensive so also think about taking a mozie net, coils, DEET. Check out
Heh heh what are you like with needles cos you’re gonna be like a pin cushion! :o)

Comment by Brews

A quick and gentle suggestion to the budding videographer: I starting getting seasick about halfway through said lovely Twitchcast, so for long-ish videos such as these, I would humbly recommend a static presentation, or cuts to multiple locales.

Your fan,

Comment by Jesse

Paul, I agree with Jesse about the movement – my stomach started to feel queasy after the first couple frames where the background behind you was moving.

Other than that, it was great to meet you beyond your typed words. I’m very excited to follow your journey and help out in any way I can!

Comment by ateedub

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