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Twitchhiker on Google Latitude
05/02/2009, 09:57
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I’m desperately in need a new mobile before I set off on March 1st, since my current Nokia N73 is as much use as a thatched hen. I’ve been loyal to Nokia since my first phone some 12 years ago, but the N73 has put me off owning one again. It hasn’t worked properly since the day I bought it (and this is the second N73 I’ve owned), though like any true British gentleman I’ve put up with it randomly turning itself off mid-conversation instead of getting the bloody thing fixed. Given my requirement for online access and media uploading while travelling, it’s inevitable that I’ll need a better, smarter handset, and a generous data tariff to match.

In the meantime I’ve just installed Google Latitude onto it, a brand-spanking-new application that lets you locate your friends and colleagues in real time from your mobile and computer. If you’re a Google customer, register your mobile number online, and then add names from your mobile’s contact book or your GMail account. Once they’re using Latitude too, you can track one another on a Google map:

Twitchhiker on Google Latitude

From this moment forward, I’ll try and stay signed in to Latitude, so you can follow me wherever I go, assuming you have nothing better to do with your time. If you’re signed up and you want to find me, add


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Google map showing where you are all the time ? nooo! – too scary by half!

Comment by Windermere Lodge

Just downloaded the new Google Maps, and added you… so hopefully, I’ll see you soon! 🙂

Comment by @stoop_uk

Not a stalkers best friend at all lol


Comment by Julia Ball

[…] it’s easy and very fun. Secondly, read his updates and follow where it is using the brand new Google Latitude: if he happens to be on your way, and you have a spare bad or train/ticket to offer him, make […]

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I’ve added you to latitude; waiting for a response.

Comment by Eric Snyder

[…] Puedes seguirlo y darle una mano en TwitterMonitorear sus movimientos en Google Maps o Google Latitude. […]

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[…] Puedes seguirlo y darle una mano en TwitterMonitorear sus movimientos en Google Maps o Google Latitude. […]

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One of the better things – about having one’s OWN company – one gets to ‘chose’ where one should “travel” willy-nilly via this lovely countries roads, by day or night, & ones 0800 phone number – which is “PROGRAMMED_TO_FOLLOW” – will attempt both cell phones – before house phone & then to the answer server – & even better – will then TXT the main cell – telling a new message has been left…. (that way – this wanderer – can “check’ messages – from anywhere – whilst trippin around)

Comment by QUIX-NZ

Oh – did I give twitchiker a NZ “style” KIWI clue – oh_golly_gosh 😉

Comment by QUIX-NZ

Shame you’re not coming to Scotland or I would have helped you out. I’ll feature you on my blog, follow you on latitude and give a donation to help out though. Best of luck.

Comment by Jaggy

People need to calm it down a bit with Google Latitude. It’s pretty accurate, but not perfectly. Google is applying a “Fuzz” to the location, much in the same way the U.S. military once did with the GPS system. The result is that a person you are “following” may only be a few meters from you, but you still wouldn’t be able to find them. There are already products on the market that allow secret tracking of people, down to 1 meter accuracy, and no one is jumping up and down about that. I have one in my car, and always know where it is, exactly! I tried it with Latitude, and, well, if it was in a car park I’d never find it.

Comment by Justin

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