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“That iconic stare” and other assorted tweets
06/02/2009, 19:04
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Woke up this morning to an amazing tweet from @cliveflint. To clarify, the tweet didn’t wake me up, and neither did Clive. I merely read it on my iPod Touch while still in bed:


When @flashboy and I had done the live twinterview yesterday, he hadn’t mentioned the article might be published in the real world, so Clive’s Twitpic of Tom’s piece made me feel all gooey inside:


Then the goo turned into gushing fluid when texts started chirping on the mobile; it was splashed on the front page too! Less then four days after my first tweet, Twitchhiker has managed front page coverage on a national newspaper. I checked into my personal Twitter account and retweeted the good news, which generated this slightly dark message from @alexanderhorre:


That iconic stare. What the christing hell does that mean, then? Um. Gah. No idea. Next:

picture-5While studying French as a 14 year-old, I learnt the phrase I need a shopping trolley, where are they please? to the tune of a radio commercial jingle for AFG Darlington Motors in Darlington, believing it to be vital to an upcoming speaking test. It wasn’t. And so while I may be capable of requesting transport for my weekly groceries, it’s now the sum total of my French vocabulary. I’ve no idea what @eogez is talking about, bless her.

But that’s why God Yahoo Douglas Adams invented the babelfish:


In this instance, the babelfish appears to have gone on the lash with his friends Captain Stella and first mate Jim Beam. I can’t imagine what context would require mention of a Peking express train, but if you can speak the language better than a pissed-up fish stuck in your ear, please let me know.

Tweets aside, today saw a nice feature about Twitchhiker on BBC Tyne, and if you live in Yorkshire in the UK and listen to Galaxy (there are nearly a million adults who do) you might have caught me on Hirsty’s Daily Dose at breakfast time. In a former life I used to be the producer for Simon, Danny and Jojo; one of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t stay longer in the best radio job I ever had.

Finally, you can hear me ramble on about Twitchhiker with Nadine O’Regan on Phantom 105.2, Dublin’s indie-rock station, tomorrow morning from 11am. Now, time to put my dancing pants on; it’s @minxlj‘s birthday and I desperately need to get drunk after one of the oddest weeks of my life.


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I don’t speak French, but I can still help you with the translation. The Peking Express is a TV-show where the participants are racing each other from Moscow to Peking on a 1$ a day budget, meaning they primarily have to find food, lodging and transportation through hitch-hiking and asking random people for help.

Given your current challenge I’d say there are certain similarities 🙂

Comment by Svein-Magnus Sørensen

I’m french, and I don’t speak a perfect english… but I can still try to explain what this woman tried to say :

” Social networks are a nonsense [or something like “are turning into a big mess”, “n’importe quoi” is very difficult to translate] now there is a man (@twithhiker) playing “Pekin express” on twitter ”

With the good explanation of Svein-Magnus Sørensen I hope you understand that she doesn’t like your trip.

But I really like what you’re planning, so keep going and good luck 😉

Comment by klakette

to: Svein-Magnus Sorensen – Hey, I’m really impressed that a Norvegian guy knows about French TV reality shows … !! Personnaly, I don’t know anything about norvegian TV, shame on me !
to : Paul – So, a lot of people in France are talking about you, wait to see you there …

Comment by Ad

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