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Coverage in Le Monde
09/02/2009, 12:36
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More coverage in a troublesome foreign language,  this time from the well known French newspaper, Le Monde:

Twitchhiker in Le Monde

If anyone can translate the story published here, I’d be very grateful. There’s no point feeding it into an online translator, because we all know it’d read like a cabbage in a bag of hammers.


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This is the article that lead me to your blog 🙂
Here is an approximate translation:
Paul Smith, journalist from the Guardian, has decided to go as far as possible around the world using only Twitter. He will stay at peoples places onyl if they have invited him, through his twitter account. And if nobody contacts him in 48 hours, he will have to turn around.

He says on his blog that he’ll collect money that will go entirely to “charity: water”, a foundation devoted to providing drinkable water to people in need.

A nice way (found on Read/Writeweb) of giving us an idea of the efficiency of this type of social networks.

Comment by Philippe

there’s an automatic translator on the right part of Francis’ blog; use it, it’s quite good as well in english than in french.

enjoy your journey, man.

Comment by Jean-Lou Bourgeon

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