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Buried alive

Gah. Drowning. Requests for press and interviews everywhere. It’s a great situation to be in, but there are emails from last week I haven’t got around to answering yet and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. My choice is simple. I either create more hours in the day, or create a whole new day altogether. Both options might sound appealing, but don’t think they’d be doing you any favours.  If I do invent them, they’re mine. I need them right now so back the hell off, alright?

I made into the Evening Chronicle yesterday, my local paper. Page 3. All of it. Seriously, there isn’t another story or advert on it. Me me me. Thanks to a photo shot from below and me squinting into the sun, I look like exactly the sort of menacing nutjob you wouldn’t want in the car with you.

Aside from scaring the population of Tyneside witless, I’m also featured in the blog of a German (I think) car rental website. As you do. I’ll admit, it’s been a busy few days and I may have unwittingly endorsed foreign vehicle rental to travel the continent, but I don’t think so. There’s also an interview with me on a US site called – thanks to Katie for a snug, fun piece.

There are unread mails and messages regarding press, photography, filming and sponsorship and I’m trying to plough through them all, so if you’ve been in touch, please stick with me. Should I manage to bend the curvature of space-time into a more convenient shape, I’ll be with you as soon as I can.


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(rough) transalation of the german website:

GETYOURCAR supports the Twitchhiker
Excellent idea from Paul Smith: He’s leaving Newcastle (UK) on 1st March and is trying, in 30 days, to get as far as possible, with only the support of the Twitter community. The whole [thing] is naturally for a good cause (Charity:Water) and is being prepared and commented on the website

And because we find the idea great we’re getting straight in touch with him to offer him a rental vehicle from GETYOURCAR for one stretch of the journey or another. We hope that he makes it to New Zealand and call on all Twitter users to do the same as us and work for a good cause.

Naturally you can still take part if you don’t have a Twitter account, Paul also welcomes direct donations (

Support the idea.

Comment by Dan

Hi Paul,

thanks for mentioning us,
@Dan: pretty good translation of the blog post 😉

we like the idea of getting around with the help of some friends, so we will try to push as much attention to you as possible, good luck and we will watch you on twitter.

See you


Comment by Jochen Quindel (getyourcar)

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