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13/02/2009, 18:33
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Apologies for the lack of updates here over the past couple of days (although there have been plenty over at @twitchhiker) but the day job has wrestled me away from my planning. The company I’m a partner in with @jonstep launched its first iPhone app on Monday; due to my excessive plate spinning, I managed to screw up the editorial database for it. So right now, we’re sitting pretty at #9 in one of the categories in the App Store, with an app full of mistakes. That’ll be put right with an update in the next day, but it’s hardly my finest hour. I need to raise my game if I’m going to get through March.

I did take a break and make it out to Newcastle’s Twestival last night – hello if I met you there, or spilt my drink over you as I climbed on stage to say a few slurred words. I suffered an almighty hangover which is still clawing away at my forehead from the inside, so I’ll assume I had fun.

I took part in another live twinterview with yesterday; it’s a fantastic resource for freelance and professional journalists, and fakes like me who fell into writing by accident. At one point I described how Twitchhiker means we’re all in this together (you and I, and the other 3,000+ tweeps), which I was picked up on:

journalism_live: ‘we’re’ – you’re on your own! @journalism_news will be in the warm eating toast when you’re rummaging in dustbins

To which I replied:

twitchhiker: If I’m on my own, I’m going nowhere. That’s the point really. There are 3,175 followers who are here too.

To prove the point, I asked if anybody following the interview could shout up, say hello and where they were in the world. My heart was in my mouth, as it always is when I try to prove my faith in Twitter, terrified I’ll be greeted by silence. Fortunately nearly a hundred tweeps from around the world made their voices heard. Brilliant. That’s why this is going to work.

The best news of the day though, was on the sponsorship front. After booming business last week, donations slowed to a trickle. Like Doctor Sam Beckett, @Yahoo put right that wrong last night, with a donation of £350. I was so thrilled I did a little dance and ordered one Jim Beam and lemonade too many, specifically the one that left me with a head full of the screaming damned this morning. Thank you @Yahoo, and everyone else who has placed their faith in me and their money in Charity: water. If you don’t think you’ll be able to help me on my journey, then please consider a donation to a very worthwhile cause.

This weekend, then. Time to make that list. I’ll let you know when I’m done.


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