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21/02/2009, 15:00
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Twitchhiker has finally made it into the altogether more serious newspapers, so I’m having the smoking jacket and cravat steam-pressed this afternoon.

@twitchhiker was highlighted as one of the must-follow tweeps in the The Times earlier in the week, but only in the paper version; for some reason the detail has disappeared from the online version. Regardless, thank you to @mikeharvey for the plug.

The Telegraph also refers to @twitchhiker in two features, thanks to Donald Strachen (@hackneye). One concerns how Twitter can help you plan your holidays, the other is a list of 50 great travel tweeters.

Twitchhiker - The Telegraph

Donald refers to how I’ll raise more money for Charity: water the further I travel. This was the original plan for Twitchhiker – to allow people to sponsor me per mile travelled, so I included it in the original site info and the Twitter bio. Unfortunately the Just Giving sponsorship pages doesn’t work in that way, so I had to remove it. Still, that’s no excuse not to sponsor me – I have mentioned you can sponsor me, haven’t I?


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