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Twitchcast #2 – in which my best friend Jon demands I carry a tangerine half-way around the world
22/02/2009, 08:46
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I’ll admit it, the prospect of recording vodcasts scares me. Partly because I’ve never recorded and edited video before, so my efforts invariably look like they were shot by the man with ten thumbs – and partly because I don’t want to look like a self-important dick with nothing interesting to tell you.

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I need to put my concerns to one side and just get on with it. Therefore, while you’ll see more activity in terms of Twitchcasts, I’ll say here and now that the quality is unlikely to improve. Unless I happen to find myself in the company of a cinematographer on the way, they’re all going to be no better than slightly rubbish.

So to Twitchhcast #2. I recorded plenty of material around the Angel of the North yesterday – a magnificent modern sculpture that guards the fringes of Gateshead, just a mile from my home. Unfortunately the wind was howling, so while the footage of the Angel at sunset was striking, the audio was less coherent than a spanner in a tumble drier.

Plan B involved filming my friend Jon, who was at work not a million miles away. We’ve worked hard and played hard together over the past 15 years, and I trust the man with my life. Admittedly, he’d probably turn up ten minutes late to save it with some excuse about the traffic, but he’d turn up nevertheless:

And I promise to stop arsing about with iMovie quite so much. Quick and dirty, point and shoot – that’s the way forward from now on. The interesting news to come out of the recording, is that Jon has been speaking to bookmakers Paddy Power about putting up odds on my journey. I’ll be curious to see what the professionals believe my chances are of reaching Campbell Island.


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The food import/export laws light get in the way here. but let’s not be defeatist. Where can we get a plastic tangerine for Smith to take with him?

Comment by Alistair MacDonald

I have no interest *whatsoever* in taking any fruit – real or fake – 12,500 miles around the Earth.

However, if somebody can supply me with such an item, I’ll consider it.

Comment by Paul

Good luck you crazy crazy fool you 🙂

Comment by Rachael G

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