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Place your bets!
23/02/2009, 15:00
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You’re an inventive bunch. @breenster has come up with a great idea for those who want to make the next few weeks a little more interesting – you know, just in case they’re not quite ludicrous enough. He’s made a donation to Charity: water and placed a guess at how far I’ll travel from home before the end of March.

Well done, that man. Want to play? Go to my JustGiving page, make a donation – big or small – and leave your guess in the comments box. Obviously there may be some zig-zagging back and forth across countries, so don’t guess how many miles I’ll travel in total, but the distance between Newcastle upon Tyne in England and whatever point I reach in my journey that is farthest from it.

If yours is the closest guess, I’ll pick up a gift for you on my travels and send it on, wherever you are in the world. If you’ve already donated but would like to play, DM me with your guess. Please, no angry tweets if I make a last minute change to my itinerary that sees you go without the prize. That’s the game.

If you’d like the advice of a professional in predicting how I’ll manage, Paddy Power has kindly put some odds up on my success, my failure and whether I’ll hand Jim Carrey his next lead role:

7/2 Twitchhiker to reach Campbell Island within 30 days

10/1 Twitchhiker to reach Campbell Island within a week

7/4 Twitchhiker not to get out of Britain

5/4 Twitchhiker not to get of Europe

2/1 Twitchhiker to have to abandon his mission due to lack of support from tweeps

8/1 Twitchhiker to become a movie within the next 5 years.


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Wow Paul that is seriously low odds on the movie front. Are you already in talks? 🙂

Comment by Adam Parker

More likely to be a movie than reach Campell Island within a week. I like it.

Comment by Port3M5

Is it just me or has your Google Latitude not been broadcasting your location in about a day? Would be cool to see your progress from Newcastle to London!

Comment by neilends

If you make it to the U.S., I’ll gladly drive you from Portland to Seattle (or Seattle to Portland). Good luck!

Comment by foleymo

OH MY GOD you might have a movie! But who do you want to play you? Eeeeh, if you come to Wellington and I get involved in this trip then I demand a cameo!

Comment by alexbettylou

Noooooooooo! No movie. Not that I know of, anyway. And if I get to Wellington there will be perhaps the biggest party seen in the Southern hemisphere 🙂

Comment by Paul

I donated, but didn’t leave my guess in comment box. I am guessing you will make it to Turkey.

Comment by Ladyexpat

[…] left the typical British habit of settling every future uncertainty in betting inspired Paul to a Betting Post with quotes and […]

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