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Half a day away
26/02/2009, 00:07
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I’ve been worrying the Delete key for the last hour, trying to write a post about how my insides are being chewed up by adrenalin. It’s been a good day, in fact it’s been a great day for support, but now my confidence has evaporated and my sphincter has slackened. Instead of fingering another 500 words on the subject, 139 characters from Twitter will suffice:

Twitchhiker - 12 hours to go

Nearly 4,500 people are watching. I don’t need many on my side, just a few to give me a fighting chance. I’ll find out in 12 hours time whether they’re there.


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Good luck! I’ll be watching and reading with great interest, as I am planning an rtw myself as of May 20, but via more conventional means.

Comment by zda

I’m placing a bet on the number of times you tweet the fantastic word ‘twatsticks’ on your travels 😀

Comment by minxlj

You must be from the UK?

“Twat” is pretty offensive in North America.

Comment by mick

We’re pulling for you here in the States mate!

Comment by ZuDfunck

I love this! (Wrote about it on my blog: )

Someone should create a Where in the World is Twitchhiker widget 🙂

Good luck!

Comment by faryl

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