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Connecting with O2 Litmus
27/02/2009, 06:45
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If I’m honest with you, I’m quietly surprised more hasn’t gone wrong so far. Aside from missing out on a handful of inoculations, everything seems to be in order. Of course, the fact that I’ve mentioned this state of affairs out loud means I can expect a multi-pack of whoop-ass scenario to explode in my vicinity.

There are one or two decidedly important matters that should have received some/more attention before I attempted this. I hadn’t considered how I would get home once I’d succeeded or failed in my attempt. I still don’t know, so I may contribute to a country’s illegal immigrant headcount from April. My apologies in advance. I wasn’t sure how I would afford to feed myself or afford anything else I needed in an emergency; there’s no spare savings account waiting to be picked at in times of need. The good news is being couriered from New Zealand as I type. More on that soon.

More significantly, I’d no idea how I could stay in touch by Twitter for a full month while abroad. I’d reasoned that if I was staying with Twitter users then I’d always have internet access, and I’d be travelling between towns and cities with internet cafes. But what about when I couldn’t get online, when I needed to jump onto Twitter to look for a last minute offer? What about sending Twitpics of my journey and staying in touch with my family and the media? International roaming charges would rape and pillage my bank account, and my battered Nokia N73 was already screaming for the last rites to be performed.

Ten days ago I sent a tweet asking if anybody would be able to help me. The first feedback I received was from @shepy, who had approached a friend working at Vodaphone; they’d refused to entertain the idea because there was “too much scope for abuse”. I may have been a little upset at the insinuation.

Fortunately,@jonxyz had also seen my plea and suggested I message @jamesparton. James is the head of O2 Litmus, a new web-based platform for the development of new mobile applications, designed to allow mobile developers to collaborate with users on new projects that benefit both the customer and the operator.

Twitchhiker - O2 Litmus

On Wednesday during a conference call with James and @benrmatthews at Hotwire PR, the deal was struck; aside from a handset and enough data to see me through my travels, James will be supplying me with new applications from O2 Litmus to try out along the way.

Unfortunately, O2 Litmus cannot magic sausage rolls out of thin air or grant me the power of flight upon command. If you’re the managing director of Greggs or David Copperfied, I’m waiting for your call. Obviously, I’d like the managing director of Greggs to provide the sausage rolls and Coppoerfield to make with the flying trick – although the other way around would be altogether more interesting.


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Just reading this and, I think, because of the success of Day 1, the rest of this project is going to be mind-blowing. So much so, I don’t think you need worry about getting home. I think, even though your project will have ended, your followers will get you home somehow. They won’t just stop.

Best of luck.

Comment by @withoutmotive

Someone should start a pot of “get home” money – people chip something in to it, and you’ll easily get enough to get you a job on a tramp steamer working your way home and then any surplus is a bonus for the charity. (I still don’t understand why some airline hasn’t jumped on the PR aspects of supporting you!)

Comment by @rivets

I wouldn’t worry too much about food. If people are going to give you a bed for the night I am sure they will feed you as well! At least breakfast and diner.

If you get to New Zealand it would be great PR for New Zealand Air to fly you home again. I am sure they could find a flight with an empty seat on it.

Anyway, good luck and i hope you make it.

Comment by Neil

I was wondering about the technology aspect… glad you got that sorted.

Comment by @ek6891/milliways

Happy to help, and the very best of luck.

I’ll put a call out from a portable sausage roll oven that can clip onto an N95, powered by the phone battery, I’m sure some innovative person out there will have one to you by Sunday morning 😉

Comment by James Parton

[…] mit Nokia N95, Datentarif und Applikationen ausstattet. Der Lohn dafür, schon vor der Reise ein netter Blogpost (der übrigens Vodafone nicht gut wegkommen lässt) und eine Erwähnung bei Flickr, wo Paul seine […]

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