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Twitchcast #3 – in which I am a wreck of a man, but happy to be in NYC!
06/03/2009, 19:19
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Great thinking with the video! Love that you’re managing to keep up with your updates. Good luck in Piitsburgh, let us know how lodging is working out.

Comment by Olga

Love it! Keep up the good work :o))

Comment by gemmak

Ooo-errr-ulp! That video has made me seasick! Mark should hold the landscape steady and let you bob about in it, rather than keep the camera focussed on your happy face.

On reflection, as he was probably walking backwards down Third Avenue while filming, I’m surprised that he didn’t tumble backwards at some point. In fact, that’s just one long handheld shot, so well done both of you for getting all the words in as well as a good atmospheric Manhattan background.

Comment by Skyring

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