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07/04/2009, 07:00
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I never thought I’d be here again just yet.

I’m lying in bed in another anonymous hotel room, just six days after arriving home. This time it’s at a Kensington address in London, and in a whisker under 79 minutes time, a car will arrive to spirit me away to the studios of This Morning which, in case you don’t live in the UK, is a popular mid-morning magazine show.

Home. I’ve been trying to write something since I stepped foot through my front door last Wednesday night, but life has kept getting in the way. Life, and sleep. I’ve nearly 80GB of television stored on the Sky+ hard drive in the living room – a month’s worth of CSI, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Lost, 24, Fringe (it’s all high quality viewing, alright?) – and I’ve barely made a dent in it; I can’t keep my eyes open for more than half an hour without blacking out during every major plot revelation.

And then I’ll wake up at some nonsensical time of the morning, bright as a button and ready to rise. At first it was 2am, then 3am, then 5am for a couple of mornings – this morning I forced myself to doze until half past six. It’s not so much jetleg – I haven’t felt particularly sluggish or under the weather at any point – more my body having a word with itself concerning which timezone it happens to occupy right now.

I miss it. I’m delighted to have returned to the arms of my wife, to my friends and family, to my routine and the prospect of earning more than buttons to pay the mortgage, but I miss it; having a purpose, such a clear-cut objective, every day an adventure, a world of people and places and experiences. To live life out of two messenger bags with no real need for belongings, to implicitly trust those I meet and be enriched by their company – Twitchhiker has created a void it no longer fills.

Of course there’s still real life to be getting on with – I’ve plenty of work to be getting on with, my business partnership developing iPhone applications looks likely to go full-time in the summer and the living room needs decorating immediately for fear for a good shoeing. There’s some talk of Twitchhiker continuing in one form or another… we’ll see.

36 minutes to go. It’s fair to say I’m bricking it.


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Yes, I should imagine that normal life will now seem rather dull by comparison, and you will no doubt be on a ‘downer’ for quite some time.
Its been a packed few weeks for you, living on the edge all the time, will I get a twitter to help me get from A to B, will I get someone to put me up in A or B. You will have to allow yourself time to ‘come back to reality’ from all of it.
You have done so well and its good to have you back home again.

Comment by Technogran

Congratulations – coming home too in a couple of months after 7 months in Cameroon.

Reverse culture change can be a bitch. Nice work though.

Comment by ourman

Ohhh good luck! Been fun watching/reading.

Comment by Brews

Sooooooooooo? How many miles exactly? I haven’t been able to locate that info. Please let us all know. Twitchhiker was very exciting. It drew people together somehow. We were on a mission. Even if it was just saying a prayer for you on the fly. It was fun to watch. Sooooo? Miles please! Charity:Water is waiting. ; )

Comment by Cindyl541

just seen you on tv!!! started following you shortly after you left (i think) youve done brilliantly, hope your gonna add it to your cv!!

Comment by Luckyh

You did well mate, good interview 🙂


Comment by Shepy

Most of us will never achieve our potential – working out exactly what we are here for that makes us just a touch different from everyone else.

That’s not a bad thing. We can still have great (and rounded) lives anyway.

But this whole thing is something only you could have dreamed up. When I first met you (back in the days before digital TV, broadband and affordable mobile phones), it seemed to me you wanted two things badly – to connect with people, and to stretch your thoughts and mind out towards the stars.

Keep hungry for it sunshine.

Comment by Adrian

A change is always better than rest, so that should make you feel good.

Comment by limo hire yorkshire

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