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Twitchhiker 2: Antarctica
02/07/2009, 17:29
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Photo by gll on Flickr. Some rights reserved.
Photo by gll on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Since the beginning of April I’ve been settling back into the normal, everyday, somewhat tedious state of being we refer to as real life.

I’ve got stuck into a few new ventures, caught up on my work to prevent the bank manager waving my mortgage deeds in my face and made a concerted effort to write a book about my trip. This has been hindered by the afore-mentioned bank manager and a previously unmentioned chest infection which lasted six weeks.

I’ve logged into Twitter from time to time, to say hello and answer messages from tweeps. I didn’t want to kill the project because I thought one day I’d find a way to use what we learnt from Twitchhiker for another scheme, or because I’d be able to return the favour to those that supported me.

And I have, I think, with two ideas.

The first is an idea for a new project that involves me going nowhere, everyone helping one another and the world becoming a better place, one tweet at a time. It’s an ambitious idea, and unlike Twitchhiker it has no end-date, so I’m wary of starting it and losing myself to Twitter as I did last time. I’m still picking up the pieces from those 30 days away.

The second idea involves you and I travelling together to Antarctica. And by together, I don’t just mean you sharing the experience through tweets and blog entries. I mean you being there by my side, at the end of the Earth.

Quark Expeditions is searching for an official blogger to join a voyage to Antarctica.

The trip is for two people.


I’ve entered the competition. I’d like you to vote for me. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll take one of you with me, whoever you happen to be.

Now you might be reading this and thinking why should that freeloader go on another trip around the world? And you’re right, you could enter yourself and see how you get on – there’s no reason you shouldn’t! But if we work together, you have my word that I’ll return the goodwill I was shown during Twitchhiker, and somebody who uses Twitter will be by my side. I also think there’s a way of raising thousands of pounds for charity in the process, just as Twitchhiker did. [see the comments for one possible way to do this]

So, to recap what’s in it for you: you get to laugh as I type until my fingertips fall off, one of our Twitter brethren takes part in the adventure with me, and we raise a pile of money for charity.

What’s in it for me? I don’t want to stop moving. It’s under my skin. What we did together with Twitchhiker was extraordinary, and I think we can do it again. Only this time, I’ll have company. I’m also curious to see if lightning can strike twice in the same spot.

If you want to support me, then you need to vote by going to the Quark Expedition website. Click Vote for Me below my picture. You need to register – it takes about 30 seconds or so – and you can opt-out after you’ve voted.

Any questions or thoughts, I’m sure you’ll let me know.


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I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I have to do, just name it…! 😀

I will certainly be voting for you, & I’m sure we can pass this on through Twitter to massive effect 🙂 good luck!

Comment by minxlj

I think the best way for it to work is, if I win (and that’s a gargantuan “if”) then people can suggest charities, we’ll hold a Twitter Poll, then I’ll create a JustGiving page for that charity.

Those people who follow @twitchhiker up until the end of the competition can donate a very minimal amount to the charity – $5 or similar. All those who donate go into a draw, and one is picked out of a hat and goes to Antarctica.

I think that’s the fairest way of doing it?

Comment by Paul

Bah…fair, schmair 😉

Comment by minxlj

Love to go with you. I’ve been once with Quark they are probably the best at this kind of trip and really nice people. I guess you might be able to tweet from the boat although there is no internet on board but you definitely cant twitter from the shore.

Comment by wade

I want to go! Seriously! I am ready right now (minus the fur-lined boots).

Comment by Katrina

Voted,retweeted,put on face book,will put link on blog.. Good luck keep me in mind
Joe Todd

Comment by Joe Todd

[…] for coming along to the event in the run up to his mammoth trip and raising the profile of Tweeters in the NE and raising a truly phenomenal amount of much needed cash for […]

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