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Gown but not out
07/07/2009, 12:30
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A lumbar puncture isn’t my preferred way to spend a Tuesday morning. I’d much rather be enjoying a long bath or quality time with the fridge. Yet here I am, bashing away at the iPhone, wearing a drafty gown that threatens to bare my arse to strangers and assorted members of the medical profession.

I won’t bore you with the frivolities of my situation, except to mention the effects of last night’s mass of morphine caused some randomly delightful dreams earlier this morning, including a radio interview on BBC Cumbria with the cast of Battlestar Galactica.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to explain why I vanished from Twitter last night, after a cracking surge in ramping up the votes from below 240 to 360. Obviously I don’t intend to spoil your Twitter timelines with a half-a-dozen tweets at a time, but an intense burst of activity now and again is a great way to get everybody involved. Thank you if you retweeted and voted, and remember you can register any valid email address to vote – if you have email at work and home, you can register both.

Given that we came to this competition a fortnight late, you’ve all done a sterling job in making up ground. Voting for the competition continues until the end of September, so there will be plenty of twists and turns to come. It’s amazing to see us in the top five already, but please keep doing all you can to get stuck in and tell others.

The merest thought of an adventure across the Antarctic is making me giddy like a schoolboy. No, it’s not the morphine. If we can win this contest, then raising money for a charity chosen by Twitter and unearthing a second Twitchhiker to join me on the expedition – it’ll all be huge amounts of fun. Fun squared, in fact. Maybe even fun cubed.

By the way, voting for me doesn’t mean you have to come to Antarctica if we win! I’d like to discover a fellow traveller at random through Twitter, but it’s your vote that counts right now.

Right, my eyes are shuttering up so it’s time for more dreamy smock-bound adventures. See you soon.


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Keep Smiling 😉 RT ed ya (not that I have too many twitter mates). Remember darnside warmer in the UK than NZ….

Comment by Wendy Sadgrove

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