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Photo of the day – the super man, Manhattan
05/08/2009, 18:08
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Twitchhiker - Super Obama

New York City is the love of my life. It’s a city of inspiration, of contrasts, of colour and spirit. It’s the only place I can hear myself think. In the not too distant future I’d like to live there, or at least spend two or three months of the year working there. Hopefully it won’t remain a dream too long.

Since my first visit four years ago, I’ve been back at least a dozen times. I’m compelled to explore every avenue and street to my satisfaction before I’ll consider moving on. I’ve a good working knowledge of the place now, and probably strayed into a few neighbourhoods plenty of others haven’t – although not always intentionally.

On this particular visit, I arrived in Manhattan on November 5th 2008 – the day after the presidential elections. I found this poster pasted up a height somewhere on the Lower East Side – near Stanton and Essex, I think. It summed up the mood of the city during my visit – everywhere I walked, every bar I drank in, all New Yorkers talked about was this super man.


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