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Next week. My life in your hands. Again.
07/08/2009, 15:15
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Twitchhiker - the Twitchhiker ChallengeThe page for what’s now called The Twitchhiker Challenge is up at Visit North East England‘s website – you’ll find it here.

Every day next week, the Adventure Generator – a giant fruit machine packed with things to do in the region – will randomly select three activities for me to undertake on the same day the following week. Some of these activities may be very pleasant, while others may will require a second pair of trousers.

Twitter will decide my fate – each afternoon I’ll set up a TwtPoll for you to choose one of the three activities. You don’t have to follow @twitchhiker to vote, so feel free to retweet the poll. I’d ask you to show compassion when voting, but experience tells me you’ll choose the most stomach-churningly terrifying ordeal for me that’s available.

Five activities will be chosen by the end of next week, and I’ll then try my hand at all five the following week. I’ll be tweeting as I go, along with a mix of TwitPics, AudioBoos, photos and video. It should be good fun and hopefully inspire you to visit this part of the world.

Your first chance to vote will be on Monday afternoon. If we could start off with a nice walk along a beach collecting pebbles or something, that’d be very much appeciated.


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