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Up, up and away
13/08/2009, 07:01
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What I love about my 3 broadband dongle, and by love I obviously mean thoroughly despise to the point of wanting to boil it in a pot of salty brine, is that it refuses to work in city centres.

London, Newcastle and now Glasgow are some of the places I’ll reel off to customer services when I cancel on Monday. Maybe it’s because it’s 18 months old, maybe it’s because 3 aren’t very good. Regardless, it explains why I didn’t post about the latest Adventure Generator japes last night, and am doing so on my iPhone from a train to Prestwick Airport.

That’s Glasgow Prestwick Airport, not Glasgow Airport as I discovered only last night. Ryanair doesn’t fly to Gothenburg from Glasgow Airport, so such a mistake would have proved costly. As it did five years ago, when I mixed up Heathrow and Gatwick. It could happened to anyone. No, really.

My fleeting trip to Sweden won’t be my only trip into the clouds over the next seven days. Yesterday on The Twitchhiker Challenge, Twitter voted for me to take a hot-air balloon trip across North East England. No doubt plenty voted for it because it captures some daring spirit of adventure; I suspect some voted knowing I don’t do well at heights, surprising as that may seem being a lofty 6′ 4″.

Yes, I was that boy who cried his eyes out at the top of the gym frame in secondary school, but I can’t think of a more picturesque way to conquer my fears next Wednesday.

In the meantime, if you could recommend a broadband dongle that won’t get in a huff if you look at it the wrong way, that’d be appreciated.


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