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So next week looks like this…
14/08/2009, 22:59
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So there we go. The fate of the Twitchhiker Challenge is complete. If you voted, then thank you. You’re lovely and one day I’ll buy you a pint. That’s if I live through next week, obviously. All week, you have decided what activities I should attempt, and they look like this:

Monday: I have to climb to the peak of Roseberry Topping

Tuesday: I’m bouldering in Durham

Wednesday: I’m conquering my fear of heights in a hot air balloon above Durham

Thursday: I’m going to walk on water in Hartlepool

Friday: I have to Go Ape at Matfen Hall – that means swinging through the trees like a big monkey. Which I sort of am already.

Next week you can follow how I do through the blog as I bring you every nook and cranny of my time mucking about on your behalf. And if you’d like to choose your own adventure in North East England (and who wouldn’t?) then try your hand at the Adventure Generator. It’s really quite fun.


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