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Photo of the day – street food, Gothenburg
24/08/2009, 08:34
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No wonder the Swedes are sickeningly fit – no slobbering, fat-infused, garlic-lashed doner kebabs here.

Last weekend my trusty guide @rustybadge led me through the streets and bars of Gothenburg, and after enjoying tuneless Nordic thrash metal at a music festival near the canal, we stopped by a squat green hut on Västra Hamngatan for something to line our famished bellies.

Behold the half-special:

Twitchhiker - street food, Gothenburg

What you’re looking at is a boiled sausage in a bun topped with mashed potato, onions, mustard and tomato sauce. The carb count is probably a little steep but it’s lacking the 150g of soft lard required by UK takeaways and trailers. Perfect stuff for soaking up quantities of ale on a summer night in Gothenburg.


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Ummm~ It looks delicours.

Comment by montreal florist

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