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New York bars and Boos, and family too
01/10/2009, 23:23
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After a somewhat sticky situation at Heathrow yesterday afternoon, I arrived in New York last night irritated but happy to be back. The usual cataclysmic debauchery of attempting to drink all the Jägermeister in Manhattan was sadly skipped, since I’m playing host to my mother for the next couple of days. I did manage to sink a first drink at Rudy’s in Hell’s Kitchen though – it’s a tradition, an old charter or something – and called into The Pony Bar, a rather fine real ale bar around the corner at 45th and 10th. I’ve just listened to the AudioBoo I recorded there, fearing it may have suffered at the hands of the third and rather potent pint of Sierra Nevada’s Brown Saison (7.9%), but fortunately that’s not the case.

So I’ll be dragging my mum around New York to the usual tourist traps for the next couple of days. It’s delightful to see the sense of wonder on the face of a first-time visitor, or perhaps it’s because we haven’t seen one another in a year. My Canadian grandfather lived in the UK from his teenage years to sprightly age of 88, and last year he returned home along with my mum to see out his final years.

Twitchhiker - Grand Central Terminal

I’ve just been informed she hates this photo. I’ll admit it’s not going to win awards any time soon, largely because my moon-shaped head is bothering the shot, but she looks giddy to be here so it’s pretty much perfect.


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