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NYC, up above and down below
03/10/2009, 19:11
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Having been tour guide to my mother for the past couple of days, I’ve re-visited plenty of places I’ve seen countless times since my first visit to New York five years ago. But yesterday I got to play tourist again, up the top of the Empire State Building at night. The view through the day is outstanding, but by night it’s overpowering; the legions of skyscrapers and light bombard your poor retinas into submission.

I’ve got a battered Kodak digital point-and-shoot thing but I’m really happy with some of the photos from 86 floors above Gotham. Bracing the camera against the steel railings and using a half second exposure really helped pull the detail out without any noticeable shake.

Another curiosity from our criss-crossing of Manhattan was this, tacked to the side of an apartment building on 72nd St in the Upper West Side. There are several more examples to be found on Flickr – a throwback to the state of a nation 50 years ago in the grip of the Cold War.

There’s a great article here in the New York Times about an intact shelter found at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge in 2006. The fact that such a place can be lost to time for half a century is amazing.

I’ve uploaded a handful of photos to Flickr and I’ll push some more up over the next week before I head off to Sydney. Let me know what you think!


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