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Craving Sydney
10/10/2009, 22:56
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I wasn’t expecting my flight from New York to Sydney to take quite so long, certainly no longer than a flight from London to Sydney. The possibility warps logic a little; after all; you’ve already flew across 3,500 of Atlantic Ocean – surely that puts you closer to Oz, right? Of course it doesn’t; from London to Sydney is a little shy of 9,600 miles, while NYC to Sydney is just under 10,000 miles. Approaching Sydney from the states means crossing the International Data Line and flying several thousand flying further on into the Eastern hemisphere.

Twitchhiker - Sydney

Still, I thought I’d feel worse after 29 hours of travelling, but I seem to be developing a resistance to tiredness and jetlag. I have no problems accepting the time difference; you lose all bearings while sealed in a pressurised steel tube for hours on end so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to accept you’ve lost a day and it’s light outside instead of dark. What I do struggle with is my perception of when I started travelling. I left New York on Thursday lunchtime – by the time I arrived in Sydney yesterday morning, that seemed like weeks ago. The routine of sleep provides reasonably fixed bookends to my days, and when I lose these points of reference even recent events are distorted.

So here I am, my first trip to Australia. It took me 15 minutes to have a shave once I arrived – I had to keep checking the view out the hotel window to confirm that yes, that was the Sydney Opera House looking up at me. I’ve yet to see much of the city, save for a brief mosey around the opera house and into the Botanical Gardens at Circular Quay.

The opera house is obviously known worldwide for those pristine white teeth that bite into Sydney skyline, but close up the building is even more fascinating. The structure is covered in over a million ceramic tiles tinged with creams and greens, rather the uniform crisp white skin we imagine; there are patterns within patterns, more as you move closer and closer:

Twitchhiker - Sydney Opera House

Last night was spent dining at Rockpool Bar & Grill, a world-class restaurant spread across the lobby of a former bank. The original Art Deco fittings provided a decadent setting to a venue that has 9,000 bottles of wine stashed away in the original bank vault. Downstairs in Spice Temple, fiercely delicious aromas of Asian cuisine thickened the air as our group sampled cocktails based on the Chinese calendar; I drank a whole Horse, and it’s not often you can say that.


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I haven’t been to Sydney for more than a day before. That’s one place I’d like to travel to when I get back to the land of OZ!

Comment by Philip Newman

Twitchy, your a star!! Love seeing the world with you and love the new pics of the harbor! San Francisco is my home but youve convinced my husband I was right all the long and we should be saving for a trip!! xx

Comment by Helen P

Gothenburg, New York, Sydney via Auckland…. you’re getting around at the moment 🙂

Great pics from Oz, keep’em coming!

Comment by Sherman

Congratulation, you are on the other side of the planet and YES it takes a “little” time in a pressurized steel tube to get there. Enjoy the sites, sounds (they talk funn … or … is it that YOU talk funny), food, drink, smells, music, laughter and remember to look left when crossing the road. Love ya, Paul 2

Comment by Paul 2

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