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It was good enough for Magnum, it’s good enough for me
02/11/2009, 22:38
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Another day, another post that has no place on what I laughingly refer to as a travel blog.

But again, it’s an important post. Yesterday we had bipolar. Today, cancer. It’s chuckles all the way, kids.

It’s not that grim, honest. Movember is a movement that began in Australia some years ago; those involved have the whole month of November in which to grow a moustache. And that’s it. When there’s a noticeable rise in the number of dudes looking like they’ve stumbled out of Life On Mars (ladies you’re welcome to get involved, but I’m not saying a word), people ask why and there’s the opportunity to explain. Movember is all about raising awareness of men’s health issues in general, and raising money for prostate cancer charities in particular.

Millions have been raised by this apathetic attitude towards the top lip. I met a couple of the guys involved in setting Movember up when they visited Newcastle last month – not only can they drink a camel under the table, but they’re passionate about their cause.

So here I am, a Mo Bro for the next 28 days. Fortunately if there’s one thing I can do very well, it’s grow facial hair. It’ll be as thick and luxurious as a Swiss forest at nightfall. But don’t think this will be easy. It’s won’t. I’ll want to hack the bastard off after a fortnight. This is going to drive me insane. So two things you can do for me:

donate a little money towards this brilliant cause – a couple of pounds or dollars would be great, perhaps more since it’s been seven months since I pestered you for donations

– help me choose a moustache style; there are a couple of days left before I’ll have to make a firm choice, and I can’t decide what to do with my follicles. If any particular style catches your eye, let me know:

Twitchhiker - Movember


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I reckon ‘Jihad Jack’ – just for the sheer amusement of the name! 😉

Comment by minxlj

I guess a Dali is out of the question, so I’ll go along with @minxlj and vote for ‘Jihad Jack’

Comment by Paul J White

Porn start all the way! Yeah baby!

Comment by Sam Dexter

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