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Sydney’s night noodle market
10/11/2009, 00:32
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I thought I’d already posted a peek into my final evening in Sydney last month, but checking back I only captured the night noodle market on TwitPic. It’s now a little late in the day, or indeed the following month, but the market is certainly still worth a mention.

Sydney is a foodie’s paradise. You don’t have to spend long there before it becomes apparent the city has a truly world class selection of cuisine on offer (except for oysters, perhaps – I don’t like to talk about them anymore). And because of Australia’s proximity to what is our Far East, there’s a strong Asian flavour running throughout the city’s kitchens.

Twitchhiker - night noodle markets

The night noodle market is an annual event taking place in October – the city’s Hyde Park is boxed in by stalls that tease the tummy with all manner of whiffs and sniffs and smells. I was alone so I quietly plumped for some chicken dumplings and milled amongst the crowds – there was probably a thousand people enjoying the weekday evening in Sydney, splashing a drop of vino and slurping noodles from cartons.

I’m not sure the UK could pull something similar off; two dozen burger vans selling pork sandwiches in gravy while you crack open a warm can of Stella – it isn’t quite as seductive, is it?


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We never considered Sydney (or the rest of Australia) as somewhere to visit with the family. We love your photos!!!! It looks amazing and we’ve put in on the list for next year! Thanks for playing tour guide again! xox

Comment by HeatherM

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