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Around the world, Merry Christmas
24/12/2009, 11:14
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Heavy fluffs of snow have been descending from the sky all morning – I daren’t do much more than whisper it, but for the first time since I was a kid, it looks like it’ll be a white Christmas at home in Gateshead.

I’ve just started preparing lunch for tomorrow, beginning with the bread sauce. There’ll only be me eating it, which is a shame because it’s fantastic with chicken and turkey, a fragrant and tasty sauce scented with cloves and bay leaves. It’s medieval in origin – I don’t know many people who still bother with it, but it’s one of the few family traditions we had, passed down from my mother’s side of the family.

I’ve done a rude amount of travelling over the past twelve months and I’ve plenty of friends and strangers to thank for that. 2010 will see more globetrotting – I dare say it’ll be far more restrained, but who knows? After a year I’m returning to Barcelona twice in January after 12 month’s absence and hoping that other plans will allow me to spend far more time in New York on a regular basis (although I managed to return to NYC four times this year, so I can hardly complain). I’d certainly like to see more of Sweden too after my brief encounter there in August. And then there’s SXSW in Austin – I’d love to go back and experience the event after more than three hours sleep.

It’s been quite a year. 365 days ago, I never saw it coming. Any of it. If you take anything away from that, it means 2010 is already full of possibility and opportunity. It’ll be what you make it.

Over the next hour my Twitter stream will no doubt fill with messages from new acquaintances in New Zealand as Christmas Day begins. So wherever you are, have a grand ol’ Christmas – I trust you will eat and drink far too much – and here’s to a fine time in 2010.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too! Glad you had a good 2009, it was a privilege that I could be a very small part of it!

Comment by Mark

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