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Want to design the book cover for Twitchhiker?
04/01/2010, 22:15
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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently bashing out letters and words in chaotic fashion, in the hope that they’ll be vaguely entertaining and cohesive enough to form a book to be published later this year. I have to deliver 90,000 words to my editor by Friday 26th February. Have many have I wrote so far? Well… let’s not talk about that. I appear to be writing backwards.

I had an idea about involving Twitter users once more in the tale of Twitchhiker – since the publishers Summersdale found the book through Twitter and the story owes everything to the Twitter community, it’d be fitting to find a cover artist through Twitter also.

The publishers like the idea too, so if you’re an artist or designer (especially with book cover experience) interested in proposing a book cover design, then you can send ideas or roughs to The publisher adds that “a fee (in keeping with our standard fees) will be paid for any design that Summersdale decides to proceed with, although Summersdale reserves the right not to proceed with any submitted ideas if they feel none is suitable”.

You’ve got until Friday (8th) to get in touch with Jennifer if you’re interested – she’s a very nice lady so don’t be shy. I’m not allowed to do it – I last designed a book cover when I was 18, chopping up my mum’s medical encyclopedia for the cover of my bestseller The Stranger Things. Of course the publishing world and I had differing views on that point, and I don’t think I told my mum about her encyclopedia. And Jennifer doesn’t want a cover with exploded brain matter on it, so I’m out. Over to you!


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This is still getting posted around. Is time up for getting sketches in? Just found it today (via twitter, of course). (some of the recent covers I’ve done in my weblink)

Comment by Kaolin Fire

I’m not sure what Summersdale’d schedule is – the best thing you can do is email to find out where she’s up to with the process.

Comment by Paul

Thanks 🙂 Sent her a quick first draft to see what she thinks. 🙂

Comment by Kaolin Fire

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