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The Twitchhiker book – done! Sort of. Nearly.
05/04/2010, 16:12
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It’s been deathly quiet round these parts for the past month, and with good reason – I’ve been trying to finish the first draft of the Twitchhiker book. I’m bloody thrilled to say that I completed the manuscript yesterday evening, with 85,903 glorious words, and only five weeks after my deadline passed.

I’ll tell you more about the writing process at some point, suffice to say it was the most difficult things I’ve done in my life. And there’s still oodles of work to be done; as this is the first draft, I’ve now got to work with my editor Lucy at Summersdale on revising the text and crafting it into better shape – editing, deleting, expanding where appropriate.

So lots to do, then, but I can now sleep a little more soundly. It also means if you’ve pre-ordered the Twitchhiker book on Amazon (and I’d be delighted if you did) there’s a far better chance of you receiving it, as opposed to a couple of months ago when the words were still locked in my head and stubbornly refusing to spill out through my fingers.

I’ll let you know more as and when I can, and hopefully I’ll be able to let you see the fabulous cover too, which was produced by @JO_PARRY_ART. It’s worth buying for that alone, as well as the foreword by the delectable @jemimakiss. Hooray!


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Hi! I’m excited to see the book! I have a question? Will it be available in the states ( or should I order it from


Comment by Kates

Hi Kate! It’s listed in the US Store, but it’s not available on pre-order yet – you can register for information when it’s available:

Comment by Paul

I’ve pre-ordered it Smith, where’s my damn book?? Eh?? 😉

Anyhoo can’t wait to see the real thing and watch you fall over celebrating!

Comment by minxlj

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