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Is there a cure for wanderlust?
17/05/2010, 22:34
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At the weekend, I caught myself eyeing up the prices of apartments in Brooklyn. Again. I’ve been reading up on Norway after noticing a budget airline had launched a route from North East England to Oslo, a city and a country I’m yet to visit. My head is packed to the brim with dates and prices for visiting my mum in Ontario, to book a handful of days in Barcelona, while I wander whether I can return to New Zealand some day soon.

And then there’s the voice telling me to simply sling some clothes into a bag and disappear into the world.

In short, I have a severe case of wanderlust. It’s been building for the past few weeks, to the point where it’s now overwhelming. It’s excruciating. I don’t stress that for the sake of effect – there’s a considerable sense of panic, claustrophobia even, if I dwell the situation for too long.

Image by adamjackson1984 on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

But of course, there’s the reality of the situation. Money. Work. A manic few months ahead. I might escape for a couple of days in June, otherwise it’s the end of September before I can seriously consider travelling. The wait feels as if it’s going to kill me.

Yawning spans of time between trips are par for the course, because we have to scrimp and save to afford them, or we need to commit to the mundane trivialities of what some laughingly refer to as real life. So how do you quench your thirst? How you stem the loss of hours to idle daydreaming? If you’re a serial traveller, how do you stop your feet itching when you can’t travel just yet? Let me know in the comments.


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I totally share your sentiments. I often go to restaurants that focus on the cuisine of the culture I am craving. Recently, I ate at a dim sum spot in San Francisco’s China Town where I was the only American in the restaurant, couldn’t read the menu and literally had to point at items and cross my fingers that they were edible. I left feeling totally transported.

Comment by Alison

Thank you for using my photo in your post. It’s greatly appreciated.

Comment by adam jackson

The only cure for wanderlust is… travel 😉 inbetween trips I study and research, pick an city or region I know well and stretch a little further to see what I might find on a day trip, or a few days away from base. Researching lets you live past travels so don’t be afraid to retrace old paths. Hx

Comment by Helen

I always have itchy feet. I try to cure it by travelling lots and always having several future trips lined up.

Comment by The Global Traveller

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