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16/07/2010, 15:59
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It’s been on my mind for the past few months to broaden the remit of Twitchhiker as a website; plenty of people share an interest for not only travel, but how technology is changing the journey. I’m not a geek by any stretch, but I wanted a space where I can write about websites and mobile apps that shape and contribute to travel.

I also wanted to move the site off WordPress so I could customise it further, make it more of a professional concern – it also provides an opportunity to generate revenue, which in turn may lead to others becoming involved in the site.

So I’ve gone and done it, and you can see the results at or – the former is redirecting to the latter at the moment, but the main site will become in the next few days.

I’ve still to transfer some (not all) of the older posts from this WordPress site, and I’ll be leaving it up for the time being.

Head on over and take a look around!


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Absolutely love the new site! Would love also to contribute sometime.

Comment by Mark

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