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Hello you. I’m Paul. Pleased to meet you. For 13 years I perpetuated the myth of holding down a proper job in radio and, astonishingly, nobody rumbled me. I worked as a copywriter, a presenter, an executive producer and a programme controller – the some total of this effort was a receding hairline, numerous friends and enemies and a bunch of shiny awards that I obviously don’t like to talk about. Ever.

These days I laughingly refer to myself as a writer – I edit websites and blog about media, travel and tech. I also muck about building iPhone applications and helping over at Never Odd Or Even LLP.

Although Twitchhiker was a project in its own right last March, this blog is now a record of my travels and writing as I visit here and there.


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[…] in der Websphäre vermisst. Doch jetzt gibt es einen neuen Weltenbummler, der sich sinnigerweise Twitchhiker nennt. Im wahren Leben heißt er Paul und schreibt u.a. für die englische Guardian. Seine Idee […]

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