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Let’s wish the world a happy new year with AudioBoo
30/12/2009, 14:53
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Obviously it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, but New Year’s Day begins in less than 24 hours if you happen to live in New Zealand and the like.

It’d be fun to record New Year messages to other Twitter users as 2010 begins, from wherever we happen to be in the world. We now have the tools to join together and spread a little goodwill and connect with one another, and that alone seems like a good reason to try it. Plus, we’d hear accents from all corners of the globe, the parties, music, fireworks – or maybe perfect calm as somebody sees in the new year alone – and we’d capture and share a moment that unites everyone.

If you want to join in, it’s really easy. Assuming you’re already on Twitter, here’s what you need to do:

First, take a look at – it’s an outrageously simple way of recording short clips of audio (“boos”) and posting them direct to Twitter. I’ve used AudioBoo loads – it’s brilliant for recording sounds and interviews on the move. Get registered (that’s easy too) and you’re almost set.

Then decide how you want to record your new year message to the world. There a free app for iPhone users (search for AudioBoo) but anybody with a mobile can record a boo, too – see the instructions for PhoneBoo here. Alternatively, if you’re at home and there’s a computer nearby you can upload audio straight to the AudioBoo site (assuming your PC or laptop has a mic).

When you give your boo a title, say where it was recorded and add the hashtag #newyearboo so people can search for and find your message.

And that’s it! No doubt the mobile networks will fall over at midnight, so if you do record a boo on your iPhone, it might be worth hanging onto it for half an hour before attempting to send – you can close the AudioBoo application down and it’ll keep the last recording you made.

Hope you take part – even if you’re a little squiffy and miss midnight, send a message later and wish the world a happy new year.