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Most of my other travel writing has disappeared into the bottomless digital void where websites expire once their owners go bust ((although I must point out they didn’t go bust because of me). Fortunately that hasn’t happened to to The Guardian. Yet.

The Tyne of your life
Newcastle is more than just party central, says Paul Smith, who leads us on a tour of his hometown

Twittering all over the world
Paul Smith is attempting a charity trip to New Zealand relying on the goodwill of the Twitter community. We catch up with him 13 days into his journey

The Twitchhiker: one man on a Twitter travel mission
Meet the Twitchhiker. His quest – to see how far he can travel in 30 days relying solely on the hospitality and advice of the Twitter community, and raising money for charity as he goes

The knowledge
No one knows a city better than a taxi driver, from A to Z and every bar and restaurant in between. Paul Smith asks five for a tour of their home towns

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