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So next week looks like this…
14/08/2009, 22:59
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So there we go. The fate of the Twitchhiker Challenge is complete. If you voted, then thank you. You’re lovely and one day I’ll buy you a pint. That’s if I live through next week, obviously. All week, you have decided what activities I should attempt, and they look like this:

Monday: I have to climb to the peak of Roseberry Topping

Tuesday: I’m bouldering in Durham

Wednesday: I’m conquering my fear of heights in a hot air balloon above Durham

Thursday: I’m going to walk on water in Hartlepool

Friday: I have to Go Ape at Matfen Hall – that means swinging through the trees like a big monkey. Which I sort of am already.

Next week you can follow how I do through the blog as I bring you every nook and cranny of my time mucking about on your behalf. And if you’d like to choose your own adventure in North East England (and who wouldn’t?) then try your hand at the Adventure Generator. It’s really quite fun.


Next week. My life in your hands. Again.
07/08/2009, 15:15
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Twitchhiker - the Twitchhiker ChallengeThe page for what’s now called The Twitchhiker Challenge is up at Visit North East England‘s website – you’ll find it here.

Every day next week, the Adventure Generator – a giant fruit machine packed with things to do in the region – will randomly select three activities for me to undertake on the same day the following week. Some of these activities may be very pleasant, while others may will require a second pair of trousers.

Twitter will decide my fate – each afternoon I’ll set up a TwtPoll for you to choose one of the three activities. You don’t have to follow @twitchhiker to vote, so feel free to retweet the poll. I’d ask you to show compassion when voting, but experience tells me you’ll choose the most stomach-churningly terrifying ordeal for me that’s available.

Five activities will be chosen by the end of next week, and I’ll then try my hand at all five the following week. I’ll be tweeting as I go, along with a mix of TwitPics, AudioBoos, photos and video. It should be good fun and hopefully inspire you to visit this part of the world.

Your first chance to vote will be on Monday afternoon. If we could start off with a nice walk along a beach collecting pebbles or something, that’d be very much appeciated.

Choose your own adventure… in North East England

Twitchhiker - choose your own adventure

Do you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? I collected them. I adored them. They. Were. Brilliant.

If you don’t recall them, they were children’s stories that asked you to determine the narrative. You were presented with several options, each leading to a different page of the book. You’d choose one, turn to the corresponding page, continue the story and then have to choose once more. You could enjoy the books again and again and experience a different adventure every time. Magical.

I mentioned recently I was going to be part of the world – North East England – over August, and that I’d be sharing my travels on Twitter. Well now, with a doff of the cap to my favourite childhood books (and the Twitchhiker project, obviously), I’m going to be handing over control of my adventures to Twitter.

The regional tourism agency has an online Adventure Generator packed with all the activities North East England has to offer. There are some very pleasant jaunts to be had – clambering up lighthouses, stargazing etc – and then there are activities that scare the living daylights out of me – bungee jumping, abseiling and other extreme nonsense that has no place outside of Queenstown.

So every day next week, the Adventure Generator will randomly spit out three suggestions for me to tackle on the same day the following week. You’ll then get to vote on which adventure I have to attempt, through a poll I’ll tweet through my @twitchhiker account. For five days, my life will be in your hands.

I’ll tweet during each adventure and provide plenty of TwitPics and AudioBoos – they’ll probably be of me screaming like a girl. Bloody hell, I’ve just looked. There’s parachuting too. I ain’t getting on no plane.

It’ll be a (mostly) fun way to promote the region and what it has to offer. I’m North East born and bred so I’m quite looking forward to showing off what a brilliant corner of the world this is. Quite. So long as you remember I’m scared of heights, water and certain death. Which, coincidentally, is how nearly all my Choose Your Own Adventure stories ended.