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Remember the Tyne
24/05/2010, 20:06
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A couple of iPhone snapshots from Saturday evening by the River Tyne, which divides Newcastle and Gateshead:


Photo of the day – Newcastle upon Tyne, from the Tyne Bridge
08/08/2009, 20:00
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A view from a little closer to home for today – about two miles up the road, in fact. This was very much a spur-of-the-moment shot taken on the iPhone while crossing the Tyne Bridge a fortnight ago. I love the chaos of jumbling shapes and colour staggering up the north bank of the Tyne.

Twitchhiker - Newcastle upon Tyne

On the horizon at the far right hand side is Saint James’ Park, the once great cathedral of football in the North East, until it all went spectacularly tits up last season. Best not to ask, we don’t like to talk about it.